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Our team of physiotherapists and strength & conditioning coaches will support you on a journey through each specific exercise package. From post-operative rehabilitation right up to sports performance our online programmes will help you speed up your recovery without spending time in the physiotherapy clinic. 

We will show you the most reliable exercise programmes that have been tried, tested and refined over 15 years of clinical practice.

Knee surgery? Start One Of Our Knee Operation Exercise Programs Today

Knee - Pre Operative Exercise Program

This package will support you right from where you are right up to the day of your surgery. It will go through all of the key areas that are often overlooked when it comes to improving your overall fitness as well as the strength of your knee and all the muscles in your whole leg.

Strengthening exercises build muscles around joints, easing the burden on those joints.

The research & our clinical experience supports that physiotherapy prescribed exercises before your surgery can significantly help with recovery afterwards (ie improved confidence, shorter rehab times & better results)  Click the image to find out more…

Post Op Knee Package 

This package will support you right from week one post surgery. It will go through all of the key areas that are often overlooked when it comes to enhancing recovery after surgery. 

Some videos will provide you with explanations about how to minimise swelling. Others will look at how to get your knee bending safely and confidently again. Building strength, improving walking and regaining one’s independence are an integral part of this step by step programme. 

Phase 1 & 2 will get you to the point where you will be back walking at a normal speed, without crutches or a fear of falling. Going up and down stairs will be a given and most of our clients enjoy getting back into walking, gardening and hiking.

Health & Fitness Exercise Packages

Movement Revolution - 12 Class Package

Created by Patrick Hanley & Danny Mc Auliffe – Movement Revolution’s fluid combination of flows have proven to deliver results again and again during their 25 years of clinical practice.

These flows target multiple body parts at the one time and use a particular combination of breathing and movements to get the best results from your body.

Danny & Patrick are certain that anybody engaging in the programme will feel reconnected with their body with a new level of control and awareness that will leave them feeling strong, more flexible, de-stressed and injury so you can train harder for longer

Pilates - 6 Week Package

Do you want to do a Pilates Class anytime in the comfort of your own home?

Our Physio-led Pilates classes are 40-50 minutes in duration.

12 Classes of expertly lead Pilates. These classes should be done 2 per week.

You will have permanent access to these classes so they can be repeated at anytime.

We combine our muscle strengthening exercises with relaxing stretches and mobility exercises to tick all boxes.

By concentrating on our breathing, movement and the natural rhythm of our bodies, Pilates encourages us to pay more attention and quickly realise our natural abilities.

16-Week Health & Fitness Program (Full Program)

What would you do to feel as if you were 10 years younger, move as if you were 10 years younger? Our Program is for you!

Are you unsure of how to structure your exercise program or the technique of some exercises? Our Program is for you!

Overwhelmed what to do for recovery, mobility, warm ups, breathing?Our Program is for you!

Our expert Physios & Strength & Conditioning Coaches have put together a perfectly structured programme consisting of four 4-week blocks focusing on building a foundation of Muscle Endurance to develop into Strength & Power over a 16 week period.

Pre-Season Gym & Running Program

Our expert Physios & Strength & Conditioning Coaches have put together a perfectly structured programme consisting of two 5-week blocks focusing on building a foundation of Strength & Power to boost your performance and help prevent injury.


  • Build Strength – to improve performance
  • Develop Power – to improve explosiveness
  • Expertly structured program to maximise recovery and improvements
  • Injury Prevention
  • Recover faster now & during the season
  • Improve your sprinting technique
  • Improve your top running speed

What Our Members Have to Say

Knee Post Op FAQ's

The simple answer is straight away. The reason being that the sooner you get your muscles and joints working after your surgery the quicker the recovery. Early post op exercises are to be done a little and often from day 1 post surgery. 

Yes. Pain after a knee surgery is to be expected. Medication will provide you with relief so you can exercise with less pain and sleep well without pain waking you. If you are unsure about your pain levels feel free to contact us.

Working into a manageable amount of pain is OK provided you are not very sore for a prolonged period afterwards. The benefits must outweigh the consequences and that’s why a gradual step by step process with physio guidance is advised

You will know the answer to this yourself. This point will be when you have built up strength, control and confidence. This could vary from five to 8 weeks post surgery. This also depends on general physical fitness and the length of time you had pain for beforehand.  Months or years? 

The main thing is to get you walking and to build up strength so the new knee is strong and supported by the surrounding muscles. Everyone has a goal that they want to get to, be it hiking, gardening or even jogging. The main thing to realise is that the higher the level you want to get back to the longer it will take but we can guide you every step of the way even when you have completed phase 2 of this online programme.  Then we will focus on higher level strength to get you to a level of being able to golf or play tennis again for example.


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