16 Week Health & Fitness Program

What would you do to feel as if you were 10 years younger, move as if you were 10 years younger?

Our Program is for you!

Are you unsure of how to structure your exercise program or the technique of some exercises?

Our Program is for you!

Overwhelmed what to do for recovery, mobility, warm ups, breathing?

Our Program is for you!

Our expert Physios & Strength & Conditioning Coaches have put together a perfectly structured programme consisting of four 4-week blocks focusing on building a foundation of Muscle Endurance to develop into Strength & Power over a 16 week period.

This program will help boost your health, fitness, energy, performance and help prevent injury.

This is more than your typical strength program.

It includes:

  • A daily & weekly planner for 16 weeks – every day planned out!
  • Over 100 videos to work every muscle in the body, in all the right ways – Endurance, Strength, Power, HIIT, Cardio.
  • Videos to help you understand your recovery process, so you can adapt the structure if needed
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Mobility Exercises & Flows
  • Self Massage Techniques – Roller & Tennis Balls
  • Warm Ups
  • Posture Exercises
  • Injury Prevention Advice
  • Chat Support for any questions

Invest in your Health
Feel confident that you’re doing the right training
Get Fitter & Stronger
Future Proof your Body
Boost energy & reduce stress
Support from therapists, physios, staff
Be proactive not reactive with your health

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