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Frequently Asked Questions

Physiotherapy is an health profession that helps people overcome injuries, pain, disabilities, and conditions resulting from illness. The key to the success of physiotherapy treatments is the knowledge of the trained physiotherapist in all body systems, as well as the cooperation and participation of the client.

A physiotherapist will initially determine the root cause of the pain. They may ask if you are experiencing any radiated pain in the area. This way, he can pinpoint the correct location in your neck, treat the pain with a combination of hands on techniques and exercises, as well as show you the appropriate exercises that will provide you with relief from the pain in the future

Movement is very important for the elimination of non-specific back pain. Your physiotherapist can show you exercises to do, which will be customised to your type of back pain and your general lifestyle. If you are suffering from sciatica or from aging disks, your physio will customise your exercises accordingly.

Yes, as of 2019, you could claim tax relief for physio in Cork City, at your standard tax rate. Physiotherapy is included on the list of medical expenses that can be claimed. 

Typically, someone who has sustained an injury, or who suffers from chronic pain in their neck, back, or shoulders, will visit a physiotherapist. Other conditions, such as pelvic floor issues, tendon issues, arch pain (plantar fasciitis) , tennis and golfer’s elbow, whiplash, vertigo , headaches and joint and muscle pains are all problems physios treat. Physiotherapists train their clients to prevent recurring injuries, and to improve balance and range of motion.

Physiotherapy sessions are arranged as follows:

  • Initial assessment + treatment: 30 to 45 minutes. This session will include in depth analysis of your problem area(s). Hands on assessment , treatment and exercises.
  • Hands on assessment , treatment and exercises.
  • Follow-up: 20 – 40 minutes. This session may also include a rehabilitation session.
  • Rehabilitation sessions: 15 – 60 minutes. For clients who have included strength and balance training in their recovery plan.

APC Physio & Sports Clinic offers free Taster Sessions that let you meet with our physios and ask your questions. This opportunity gives you a feel for the specifics of our treatments, and reassures you about the direction you wish to take. Taster Sessions do not include treatments.

Dress appropriately for the particular area of your body that requires treatment. The assessing physiotherapist needs to be able to view the area, and should not be hampered by tight clothing. Women with neck or shoulder issues should bring with them a string top to wear and a hair bobbin.