Pre Season Gym & Running Program

Are you unsure what the best thing to do during pre-season is?

Our expert Physios & Strength & Conditioning Coaches have put together a perfectly structured programme consisting of two 5-week blocks focusing on building a foundation of Strength & Power to boost your performance and help prevent injury.

Boasting a 90% Customer Satisfaction Rate from over 200 players!

Use this period of time to work on developing strength and size while preparing the joints and tissues for increased running in the next block.

Strength & Size take longer to develop than fitness. Don’t worry if you feel you are de-conditioning a little, you will. We will build up fitness quickly and when we do, you will be bigger, faster, and stronger than if you kept the conditioning up.

Trust the process and the program; running conflicts with strength, size, speed, and power. We need to reduce running volumes to develop others.


  • Build Strength – to improve performance
  • Develop Power – to improve explosiveness
  • Expertly structured program to maximise recovery and improvements
  • Injury Prevention
  • Recover faster now & during the season
  • Improve your sprinting technique
  • Improve your top running speed


The weekly structure is as follows:

✓  Monday – High-Speed Running & Lower Body Gym
✓  Tuesday – Upper Body

✓  Wednesday – Rest
✓  Thursday – Extensive Running & Whole Body Gym
✓  Friday – Upper Body Gym 2
✓  Saturday & Sunday – Rest

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